Auto Wire Polishing Machine

Model: ST-470

Made in:Taiwan


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Wire Cable Polishing Machine by Taiwan manufacturer

Key Features

As one of the top auto wire polishing machine manufacturers in the region, we can offer you an excellent selection of high-quality polishing machines to suit your needs. Please contact us for a custom quote.
Model ST-470
Interval distance 0-25mm
Rotating speed  0-1100r/min
Dimension 254x214x241 mm
Power Supply AC220~240,50-60Hz
  1. ST-470 Auto Wire Polishing Machine is an easy and safe operation, and it is convenience operate.
  2. Easily to adjust the space of the brush wheel, and it can be suitable for different dimension cable.
  3. Processing range is wide, and the cable diameter is suitable for under 25mm different cable.
  4. Controllable to revision the speed, and it is adapt to many kind of cable shielding.
  5. ST-470 Auto Wire Polishing Machine is quick and easy to replace the brush wheel.


Body size 254x214x241 mm ST-470 weaving machine

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