Semi-Automatic Stripping Machines


Made in:Taiwan


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Semi-automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine by Taiwan Supplier

Key Features

Our semi-automatic stripping machines are made using durable top grade materials and can be used for stripping wires and crimping terminals. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a custom quote.
Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine Model ST-8515
Dimension 760*670*458mm Weight 26kg
Max. diameter of wire processing 15mm Unit of cutting depth 0.01mm
Max. length of wire processing 85mm Min. length of wire stripping 0.1mm
Max. layers of wire stripping 9 layers Drive mode Motor/ball screw drive
Display mode 7inch touchscreen Operate mode Manual/foot pump
Cutting & stripping blade 4pcs Centering chip 4pcs
Storage capacity 0-100kinds Power supply 220V50HZ/380W
Cable Clamping Motorized, programmable clamping force
Production 400-600pcs/hour
  1. Innovation is our forte and we strive to manufacture, supply and export a broad spectrum of Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine.
  2. ST-8515 is a Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine for processing coaxial cables and single-core wire.
  3. It has the latest electronic design, simple operation platform, precision mechanical stability and excellent peeling quality.
  4. The centering unit positions the cable with precision.
  5. It is easy to trigger a processing cycle: the stripping process starts automatically the moment the tip of the conductors touches the trigger sensor. If automatic triggering is not desired or possible, the foot-operated switch is used.
  6. Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine has multiple sets of data storage function, can switch at any time, will greatly enhance your productivity.
  7. The blade of Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine can be set freely. The offered range can be customized on the basis of the specifications detailed by customers.

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