ST-4806 Coaxial Cable Semi- Automatic Stripping Machine


Made in:Taiwan


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Taiwan Semi-Automatic Stripping Machine for Coaxial Cable

Key Features

model ST-4806
Suitable Material Coaxial cable
Power Supply AC220V/50HZ
Stripping Length 0.1mm—48mm
Unit of cutting length 0.01mm
Available Wire Size Φ0.2mm—Φ6.99mm
Unit of cutting depth 0.01mm
Max layers of wire stripping 9layers
Productivity 500-700pcs/h
Display mode Touchscreen
Display interface LCD in Chinese 138X86
Max of power 300W
Startup mode Ball screw drive
Dimension 525×186×278mm
Weight 19kg
Blade Material Tungsten Steel
Work environment 0-45°C
Clamping device Self-aligning
  1. Innovation is our forte and we strive to manufacture, supply and export a broad spectrum of Coaxial Cable Semi-automatic Stripping Machine.
  2. ST-4806 is a Coaxial Cable Semi-automatic Stripping Machine for processing coaxial cables and single-core wire.
  3. ST-4806 has the latest electronic design, simple operation platform, precision mechanical stability and excellent peeling quality.
  4. Coaxial Cable Semi-automatic Stripping Machine has multiple sets of data storage function, can switch at anytime, will greatly enhance your productivity.


machine size 525*186*218mm

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